Our priorities

These four priorities define and shape everything we do as a church—both when we
gather for worship, and when we scatter to fulfill the mission Jesus has entrusted to us.

  • christ centered

    Christ-centered means we're nothing, apart from Jesus. We're condemned. We're powerless. We're doomed. Christ is our only hope in life, and death. Apart from him, we can do nothing. Everything we do as a church points to him, especially when we gather for worship.


  • gospel hungry

    Gospel-hungry means we don't think of ourselves as better than other Christians, or our broader culture. It means we know that we are, by nature, dead in our trespasses and sins. We know we can contribute nothing to our salvation. We need mercy, and we don't deserve it.


  • bible saturated

    Bible-centered means that God has spoken in the Scriptures. Before we do anything else, we need to listen to him. Our songs, our prayers, and our sermons are saturated with the Bible.


  • on mission

    On mission means God didn’t create us to indulge ourselves, but to reflect his image—and to spread it everywhere. Our personal kingdoms are tiny and temporary. God’s Kingdom is infinite and eternal. We have lots of room to grow, but we know his kingdom is our purpose.