bible saturated

Before we describe what it looks like to be Bible-saturated, we ought to explain why we believe it’s important. And we don’t just believe it’s important to be Bible-saturated. We believe it’s essential. That’s our problem is so serious.

The Bible tells the story of humanity’s relationship with God, beginning with God’s creation of all things. From it’s earliest pages, we learn that Adam and Eve rebelled against their Creator and failed to do the work he had created them for.

Rebellion against the Creator King is a serious offense. When God gave them his instructions, he warned them that disobedience would lead to death. He created them by his Word, warned them with his Word, and now his Word pronounced a curse on them.

Nevertheless, he promised by his Word to send One who would vanquish Satan, overcome their curse, and reconcile mankind to himself. That One is God’s own Son, who entered humanity as Jesus Christ—the Living Word of God.

Obviously, the gospel story continues after Jesus' birth to his death and resurrection. How do we know that story? From the Bible! God has spoken in his Son (Hebrews 1:1-4) and in his written Word (2 Timothy 3:14-17; 2 Peter 1:16-21).

In other words, God has spoken to us in his Word so that we can understand the calamity of our sinful, cursed condition. And God has spoken in his Word so that we can know the grace and forgiveness we have through faith in the risen Christ!

So we’re Bible-saturated because the Bible declares God’s promises to us. It’s where we learn who we are and what God has done to redeem us. In the Bible we see God’s promises that give us hope of peace, rest, satisfaction, and joy that we don’t yet know.

Now, we haven’t explained yet what it actually means that we’re Bible-saturated, but with that foundation, it won’t take long. Being Bible-saturated means that if we’re going to sustain hope in a broken world, we need to hear from God. People have great ideas about how to live life, but only God’s words give life. When we gather—whether in small groups or as a whole congregation—the highest item on our agenda is to hear from God. He has spoken to us in his Word, the Bible. Whatever you’re looking for in a church, make finding a Bible-saturated one absolutely non-negotiable.